Health Insurance

Wife and I Disagree About Health Insurance

Robert and his spouse disagree about their medical insurance choices and he calls Dave for his opinion.

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  1. Hmo all the way. I've been a biller 10 yrs and opt for this option. Unless ur in need of constant care, id suggest the hmo. Ppo's are good for those with chronic deseases that requires u in a the dr or have surgeries often

  2. Insurance just needs to be separated from work and let people choose insurance from the market place. It would also allow companies to raise income for people instead of offering insurance.

  3. This guy simply doesn't understand health care or the terminology. He's confusing premiums with saving in an HSA (which has nothing to do with your premiums). Not to mention he's confused about his deductible/out-of-pocket, etc. Dave realizes it's a lost cause towards the end. This guy needs to spend some more time learning about the insurance…

  4. Do you mean HMO? Because HSA is in addition to health insurance not an insurance plan. And, it depends on the plans. We have a PPO because it is actually cheaper due to what it covers and lower deductible. HMO had a lower monthly contribution but you were nickel and dimed on every service. But, you need to look at your actual plans to figure out which is a better because it varies a lot.

  5. An HSA isn't an insurance plan. You're referring to an HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan) which can be an EPO, PPO, or HMO. HSA (Health Savings Account) is just a feature in some qualifying plans. That PPO his wife is talking about might just have one. This call made me laugh as an insurance agent. Insurance is freakin confusing, isn't it? 😀

  6. I have to disagree that the decision is only based on math. He admitted that how often they have health issues decides which plan is cheaper. Unless Dave has a crystal ball, the decision has to be made on their feelings of what might occur.

  7. Sounds like the guy just heard HSA's are better and told his wife they need to go that route but he didn't actually run the numbers. He needs to just run both sets of numbers like Dave said and make a decision based on that. I don't think that's what he did.

  8. Unless you are sick all the time the HSA is usually better than the PPO. HSA typically has lower up front costs like premiums and ongoing costs like max out of pocket. The PPO typically has higher premiums and higher max out of pocket but it's cheaper when you get health care for things like doctors appointments. The PPO is the way to go if you are really worried about your health and tend to spend a lot. The HSA is better if you don't see the doctor often. Also HSA has a tremendous tax advantage with the savings account.

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