What is CAGR? Compound Annual Growth Rate defined with Insurance instance by CA Rachana Ranade

Learn what’s CAGR? How to calculate CAGR and what’s the CAGR formulation? additionally, find out how #CAGR is calculated in #Excel. CA Rachana has defined learn how to calculate CAGR of a #Insurance.
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  1. Hi Rachana, recently I come through few articles that talks about investing in MF based on the PE value. Based on that I see the nifty index is so over valued and it seems a market correction is expected. Since you are talking about personal finance do think you could do a video on investing based on this or any other strategy

  2. When we read the word CA . We start exploring the channel’s playlists solely to find a playlist on security analysis/fundamental analysis. General videos on finance are good, but not great.
    You can stand apart, if you choose not to become a bheerh ka hissa.

  3. Hi Ma'am, hope you are doing good 🙂
    Can you please make a video on same theme of investment plan but the investment will b monthly/yearly so we can compare and get to know the returns which are getting.
    This will be more useful for all, as many don't go for lumsum investment rather they choose monthly/yearly premium/(mutual fund) payment scheme..
    Hope you find time and consider this as important to make related video earliest.. Thankyou 🙂

  4. I love ur videos .i hv liked finance and investment in stocks so fascinating and not boring only because of you.thank you very much .being from an airline back ground where everyone has this assumption that we don't like to save and invest and even my parent until now are not financially literate it has helped me to built a better life as a women financially

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