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What Insurance Policies Are Needed for Builders and Contractors?

Visit or name 1-800-622-7370 to get your immediate on-line insurance coverage quote and financial savings as much as 38% in lower than 2 minutes from our A-rated carriers.

Builder Insurance Overview Video – In this video, grasp builder teacher, legal professional and builder insurance coverage skilled John M. Sadler of Sadler & Company Inc. solutions the commonest insurance coverage questions requested by new startup builders.

9 Different Insurance Policies for Contractors
Workers Compensation
General Liability
– Business Auto
– Excess Liability
– Umbrella Insurance
– Builders Risk
– Property Coverage (constructing, contents, tools, crime)
– License and Permit Bonds
– Performance Bonds
– Home Owners Warranty

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Introduction To Builder Insurance

Builder Insurance Overview

Workers Compensation For Builders | Part 1 of two

Workers Compensation For Builders | Part 2 of two

General Liability For Builders

Collecting Certificates Of Insurance From Insured Subs

Deducting From Uninsured Subs

How To Survive The Dreaded Audit

Construction Defect And General Liability For Builders

Builders Risk Pitfalls To Avoid and Money Savings Tips

Need a Specialized Construction Insurance Quotes?
– Contractors and Subcontractors
– Residential and Commercial Home Builders
– Remodelers
– Light Commercial General Trade Contractors
– General Liability Business Insurance
– Professional Liability E&O
– Workers Compensation Insurance
– Commercial Property Insurance
– Business Owner’s Policy
– Builders Risk Insurance
– Commercial Vehicle Insurance

How Can I Get a Builder Risk Insurance Quote? – Call John Sadler at 1-800-622-7370 or go to and click on on get quote now for builder threat quote.

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  1. |If you are in the UK,. DO NOT USE CONSTRUCTOR INSURANCE! Scam alert! They give you a low quote on line and ask you to pay, when you have paid, it tells you to call them..and they double to quote and demand more money, when you tell them to drop dead, they take £25 to cancel the policy…this is how they make their money. There is a complaint going through Trading Standards and heading for the FSO. But in the mean time, dont use it..those low quotes are just to snare you. Totally disgusted with the UK allowing these utter dogs to trade.

  2. I pay about 800 a year on Gen Liability I install Flooring and Tile Showers…. seems a big gig i have a chance at requires Workmans comp ontop of Gen Liability. I have no workers Almost doing business as no employee's How much should I be looking at as far as paying more? I have the chance of becoming an employee to get me the workmans comp. but i like the freedome of working for my self… any advice would be helpfull, great video

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