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Travel Tips: Should You Get Travel Insurance?

Should you get journey insurance coverage whereas touring overseas, and in that case which firm? For extra information about World Nomads CLICK HERE:
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who’s the proprietor of all video or photograph content material. Filmed utilizing an Olympus SP-810UZ and/or a GoProHero Plus LCD.

Gabriel Morris is a world traveler and journey author who has been adventuring world wide on and off since his first journey to Europe in the summertime of 1990. He is writer of “Following My Thumb”, a set of 26 thrilling and hilarious autobiographical journey tales from his worldly wanderings throughout the 1990s; and of a number of different books. Visit for tons extra information about his journey writing, pictures, movies, price range journey suggestions and way more.

Thanks rather a lot for watching, and protected journeys!

Travel Tips: Should You Get Travel Insurance?

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  1. I got travel insurance for my 13 months of travel around Australia and New Zealand. World Nomads. I did heaps of trekking (I.e. walks) and also did some SCUBA diving. I never needed it, but the peace of mind was important to me. ✌🏻

  2. My God, have you guys seen the horrible reviews for world nomads at Gabriel Traveler may be a nice guy and popular here, but please don't make decisions on one person's opinion, especially since (1) seems he's getting a commision and (2) he has admitted in this vid that he has not had to rely on world nomads for any major event. He used them for what is considered a minor event, whereas he only received back 45 bucks. Do your own personal research before purchasing…..start with and do a proper travel insurance comparison. Read every single sentence written as well! You don't want to be with some shitty insurance company who will do everything possible to not pay you a dime when you have a major medical event while travelling. Most hospitals out there won't let you leave the country or even leave the hospital if you don't pay, so please take this seriously!

  3. i purchased insurance with world nomads today but it didnt ask who refered me i was wanting to be sure ubgot your commision cause i love your videoes and u deserve it

  4. gabriel I have actually done some extensive research for my up coming RTW trip and nomads is by far the best option. I checked on 12 months coverage which is the max and it was right around 1500.00 and included just about everything! I will be getting it right before I leave. I'll go through your link when i do to help a brother out. Looks like I'm kicking this off in probably July. Thanks for the info as alway! Be safe and keep on trekking.

  5. Thanks Gabe, looks like a great policy and not complicated like some, I will have get it on my next trip to Nepal. But I thought I would have a little fun and see what a 12 month policy would cost for traveling in the US. Damn!, 100% coverage with no deductibles for $1400, I don't even think you can get a policy that good with a company in the US. Of course I would have to convince them I don't actually live here, and I would really be screwed if I needed emergency evacuation..LOL

  6. The cool thing about insurance companies like World Nomad is that If you forget to buy insurance BEFORE you leave home, no worries, you can still buy it at any time during your trip. Most policies do not allow this. Also, many people buy travel insurance, for example a yearly plan, and think they are covered for a long trip. When in fact the small print says that each trip can only last 30 days within that year (usually the case) before they return to the home country. Then they can leave again and the 30-days rule is reactiviated. They think, great I am covered for skiing (just example), but don't realise about length of each trip rules. Unless you have an office job and take a few foreign vacations a year for a couple of weeks, the odds are that the nasty terms and conditions are out to get you. That's why companies like World Nomad are awesome as they they get that in today's world a huge and growing group of people are working online, travelling, moving around… they need flexibility in a travel insurance policy. For people in the UK, True Traveller is a good option and I ended up using them. They have been awesome and we've had good chats. So many travelers think they have insurance with the traditional companies but didn't know they had broke the terms and conditions … dangerous, horrible, costly, shocking situation if something happened and you think you have insurance but find out you haven't. So yeah, use companies like World Nomad and True Traveller (if from UK), World Nomad Gabe link to help him out!!! They care that travellers are actually covered and not getting scewed on sneaky terms and conditions.

  7. great videos…wish I could travel as much as you..
    going Sept to Peru…found myself in a little puzzle…my friend wants to purchase a trip what will be best way to send money…or cheap way I should say…to her bank account…wish to use credit to pay directly to travel agency but they don't assume responsibility for 3rd parties handling the transaction…yeah!…so deposit in someone account…xoom? anyone used them before?

  8. NOTE: Please be sure to click the link below the video. I'm partnered with World Nomads and will make a percentage of any sales that are purchased through my account. The link keeps track of my sales. Thanks in advance!

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