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The Future Of Health Insurance – The Medical Futurist

Can digital well being heal the damaged world of medical health insurance?

Let’s see what the way forward for medical health insurance will appear to be.

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  1. Bro, Have you ever seen the experiment showing that environment(food-exposure to chemicals and EMF) can spare a mice genetically programed to get cancer ,and on the other hand ,provoking it on normal mice with normal dna

  2. So long as people actually purchase silver/gold health insurance (which is very affordable), and see their doctors to learn about what they can do to live a healthier lifestyle, the American healthcare system is VERY affordable and is top of the world in lifespan when factoring out higher prevalence of obesity, cancer and non-health related fatal injuries (getting shot, car accident, etc)

  3. How is this channel only 13k subbsss. These updates are very fascinating. I would love to see some podcasts with medical futurist and researchers, just an idea if you ever get the chance.

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