Should You Use an Interest Only Mortgage?

If you can also make more cash from the cash that you simply save somewhat than paying the financial institution again their cash, when you can make investments correctly, then it is value contemplating.

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  1. So at the end of 25 years, if i don't have 100k to pay the bank, cant i just sell it? Assuming its worth more than i paid for it, say 150k, so i give the bank their 100k and i keep 50k?

  2. In 25 years your 100000 is unlikely to be a cup of coffee dude…it will more likely be a 2 year salary for alot of people wheras today it is what they make over 4 years.

  3. I seriously recommend paying a few quid and get a mortgage adviser / broker …my bro. & I had an inheritance tax situation where we could not pay the tax…we looked for advice ….it may cost a few hundred £…but it may save you many £1000`s …remember you will be locked into this until death ( that is what mortgage means )…you just have to respect the pro`s here ….do not go directly to the banks .

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