Sandra Cavoto- Farmers Insurance Agent: Office Reveal 2013

See Sandra enter her new workplace with the brand new model and emblem of Farmers Insurance! This is such an thrilling time to be with Farmers, and we’re blessed to be such an enormous a part of it! Enjoy this video, and if are a Farmers Insurance agent, and would love some help on re-branding your workplace, simply tell us!! Enjoy, and welcome to the model new look of Sandra Cavoto and Farmers Insurance!

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  1. I am very upset with Farmers Insurance, my son paid for rental car in his policy only to find out that if they declare your car a loss the day that happens they stop paying your rental, and request that you return the car you can be without a car for weeks. I spoke with the girl that settle our account and she said that there was nothing I could do about it that she was and expert in dialing with people about this and knew what she was doing even if I spoke with her supervisor. BUYER BE WARE, CHECK YOUR POLICY, YOU DON'T WANT TO END UP WITH OUT TRANSPORTATION AFTER YOU HAVE AN ACCIDENT. They are wrote the contract to protect themselves and could not care about you one bit..

  2. Service King estimated my repair at $4,300 to the other party's insurance company (Farmers) that was at fault in a collision with my vehicle. Farmers Insurance deemed my vehicle a total and refused to make the repairs. You can view all 8 of my uploaded videos showing the repair only cost me $275 and was easy. It is basically insurance fraud and Service King was recommended by Farmers. Farmers originally valued my vehicle at $5,100 and said the evaluation was from a company called CCCOne. If you Google CCCOne you will find that it is a software and not a company even though a Farmers agent blatantly lied to me saying it was a 2nd party evaluation company. I asked for, and received, a second quote that put the new value at over $7,500. How does my car increase nearly 50% in a couple of days?

    Farmers is a ripoff! Go to "mricci2" to view the videos.

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