Ruger SR22 – The BEST .22 LR Pistol?

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  1. The Taurus TX22 is the best because they offer 16 round mags. Taurus knows that .22 cal competition shooters are not the last ward on .22 call. they have their pistols and Taurus finally did what no one else would, they bucked the experts and produced a high capacity .22 cal semi automatic pistol. when i buy a .22 pistol it will be Taurus TX22.

    i read reviews of TX22 pistol and the competition shooters cry about the 16 round capacity and refusing to buy it till they offer a 10 round version, I SAY [email protected]&K THEM.

  2. I wish reviewers wouldn't waste time on what's in every box. We all know they come with a lock and paperwork. If it comes with extra grips or things that don't come with every gun, then that is different.

  3. Great gun if you want a modern carry style gun. If you want a “real” shooter a Woodsman, Buckmark, .22-45 or a MK IV or the like. I have a super slicked up and seriously modified Buckmark but honestly any of those above mentioned big 4 is a great choice, (the .22-45 is really a MK III or IV and the Buckmark is a Colt clone so really it’s two choices). But if you want a “trainer” those weird “space” guns don’t work so your SR22 is a very good choice as is my S&W M&P 22 or the like. I actually suspect the SR22 is better or the Sig 1911-22 is about as good.

  4. All you need is an Allen key to swap the barrel.

    Flop the trigger out of the way and that's what is holding the barrel in. You can even buy the threaded barrel separately if you dont get that model.

  5. As far as 22lr goes, this is an amazing GP gun. It even has some quality aftermarket support too. My first one I wore out and Ruger replaced it. I’ve since then added a couple more, and I’ll probably get a few more of them. I like the different color options as well.

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