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New Mandatory Travel Insurance for Tourists in Thailand

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  1. Just don't go to Thailand. Go to Vietnam or the Philippines. These two Countries welcome foreigners with open arms and getting visas for these countries is a piece of cake compared to Thailand. Thailand doesn't foreigners there. Get that in your head.

  2. Well I just took Thailand off my vacation list. I used to love visiting there every year. Now the Thai Govt seems to be telling me they don't want tourist there any longer. I would tell everyone that visits there take a 1 year boycott and see how the Govt takes the lose of tourist money.

  3. Thank you again for another informative video. It is nice to know there is at least one quality Legal service here in the Kingdom.

    Who will be allowed to file the million baht insurance claim on a visitor of suspicious death that has arrived alone with no contact information? My thinking is that this plan will put more lone travelers at risk .Thai mafia operators will see this as a get rich quick and easy murder made to look like a slip and fall death…
    Embassies should take a very serious look into this insurance plan.

  4. On this whole health insurance thing i read recently that South Korea is going to require foreigners living in the country for six months or more to sign up for the state health service same as the locals. Cost about $90 month. Seems pretty good to me although not if you're one of the private health insurance sharks of course.

  5. This is a great idea, 100% in favour of charging a 20 baht fee per tourist to ensure that if they are injured then they're covered.. 20 baht is is about US$0.60 or Aus$0.90 per month.. I'd love to pay 12 x 20 baht for insurance in Thailand and cover me for a year.. at present most Thai insurance companies want US$1000 per year..  240 baht is waaaaaay cheaper option!

  6. 20 Baht? And it will probably cost more than that to administer the scheme, collect the fee, and issue the stamps to tourists… well as provide more nuisence irritation for tourists. Logic, reason, and good sense would suggest they add this to the carrier fee where they already moved the 500 Baht departure tax to, which used to be paid seperately. Way to go Thailand, more impractical nonsense to help kill your very own tourist industry. Think more in terms of what tourist bring to the country every year than what a small minority detract and look at the overall economic benefit of keeping it convenient compared to detering visitors.

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