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Welcome again to Q&A Sunday, the sequence through which I reply all of your niggling property questions and supply recommendation to my great viewers. Don’t overlook to depart your burning questions within the feedback part beneath for me to reply on subsequent week’s episode!

0:55 – Should I search for property in a single space or look throughout?

2:02 – We’re within the longest stagnant value marketplace for years it appears. Do you see that breaking and one other interval of regular rise occurring once more?

4:12 – Does Eviivo have dynamic pricing to advocate you the very best value for the season?

5:20 – Can you do an interview with Graham Stephan?

6:11 – We’re serious about Buy-to-Let and including worth/refinancing. What sort of mortgage ought to I’m going for?

7:26 – I’ve attended your Crash Course and studied many different property legends for over three months and I’ve now give up my job! [LIVE phonecall]

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  1. I considered buying a city centre apartment for serviced accommodation but discovered that most leases forbid short term lets. Is this true and is there any way around this?

  2. Hi Samuel!

    My names Seth and I’m really set in wanting to start in property with Buy-to-let , HMO’s for students and just buy a wreck, do it up, and sell it on for profit. I’m wondering what tips you’d give just on starting , I currently work and have a little saved , but wondering the best way on how I can get my first property being only 20. Currently it’s too far for me to travel to attend your crash courses so my Instagram is S333THJ , I’d love you to follow me and I can then ask you all the questions I have so I can have all of them answered if that isn’t too much to ask. Thank you!

  3. Hi samuel my names Dan. I've been to your crash course and thought it added a lot of value. I am so eager to start sourcing deals and doing LOA. It would be an absolute dream to meet you bro here's my number 07399958590 I would love to talk and learn more about property in your footsteps. Absolute legend!!

  4. I’m 16 years old and I’ve fell in love with property investment since childhood. I’m gaining knowledge and trying to study the market, I need a professional to help me and support me. What should my next move be??

  5. In 21, living at home, live in newcastle/Gateshead, I have a £28,000 a year job and would love to hear what you recommend I do with my money whilst I have the freedom and time.

  6. I appreciate that you are a UK based property investor sharing your tips! I have a question about finding an accountant and how that works, maybe a basic question but, i have always thought about it and never knew how to look or how they would manage my portfolio. Basically accountant 101

  7. Hi samuel. I was wondering if you could elaborate a liitle on some advice you had given in the past. You said have more bank accounts, for instance have 6 and budget your money that way, one for investing one for saving etc. I was just wondering if you could explain how you get more accounts. are all of these accounts, current acccounts or savings accounts, and do u need to be with more banks to have more than one current account?

  8. question:

    a person that is not from the uk currently has 250k in cash
    Can that said person buy someones portfolio (already tennanted) that is worth 1 mil using a interestonly mortgade?

  9. Currently a nursing student but I'm so motivated to pursue this career along with my future job, what's your first suggestion for me to do? I'm thinking save for a deposit and start from there?

  10. I’m really new to everything so sorry, how would I go about getting contracts written up, for example a lease option agreement or a rent to rent or HMO licensing, how would I get this legalised with contracts

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