Making additional mortgage funds and Life updates

Let’s discuss our cash wins and never so wins in July.
Our plan to repay our home:
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  1. My good thing in July….I’ve been cutting back and saving the small amounts and was able to pay off 2 loans! 1 of them I was able to pay off 4 years early saving me almost $3,000 in interest!!!!! 👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻

  2. I had three in three years and I had one three years later, honestly, the only problems I encountered with the fourth were bedtime problems. She was convinced we had parties every night after she went to bed so would get up a zillion times. One night she actually caught us eating popcorn after she went to bed and to this day still says we partied without her, she is now 23 years old.

  3. Yay for extra payments. It's amazing how quickly those extra payments can add up, isn't it? My July win: I found some great diaper and wipes deals so I got a few boxes of each for when Baby #2 gets here. Once #2 arrives, I am totally going to do the basket per person thing. I have seen so many people raving about that system. It makes so much sense! Right now it's easy because all the kid clothes belong to the same kid lol.

    Random video idea. I would LOVE to know your hacks or advice on going from 1 to 2 kiddos. The closer we get to the due date, the more I think about all the ways she's going to shake up our life.

  4. I truly do believe a lot of small changes do ultimately make big changes. I wanted to recommend doing 1 load of laundry daily instead of handling all of the laundry on a Sunday, but I felt it wasn't my place to say anything. I'm glad laundry is at least working out for you. Please can you do another Q&A soon, they are enjoyable?
    Greetings from South Africa

  5. July win is we paid off our mortgage. We have zero debt which is calming knowing all our money is ours not someone else’s. I have been able to cash follow vacations by saving all my $5.00 bills for a year. It’s amazing how much you can save without even realizing it.

  6. I'm stressed with one! I don't know how people handle more lol. You're doing great! Thank you for the tips. I'm hoping we pay off our house in 5 1/2 years. You're inspirational!

  7. Lydia, for your husband, you may want to do online research on leaky gut causing autoimmune issues and benefits of consuming homemade bone broth for that – healing gut, pain relief, reducing inflammation, more. Have a blessed day.

  8. Would Jason be comfortable sharing (or having you share) more on his diagnosis and what y'all are doing therapy and nutrition/food for it?
    I have a couple of my own auto-immune battles, so it interests me to hear what things others are doing and what works for their symptomology.

  9. Thanks for sharing. Any chance you would talk about your son's experimental OT? If so, happy to listen. Our son is 7 and we too pay out of pocket for OT. Thanks for sharing your wins.

  10. My win was an extra mortgage payment this month!!! Yay!!! 😁

    Lydia you are killing it with all your extra expenses. I have an autoimmune disease as well and know the costs that can go into treatment. Medical expenses in this country is outrageous. There are programs out there that can help with medication costs if your husband’s copay gets too high. His doctors should be able to direct him to the programs that meet his needs. ❤️

  11. Soooo we opened savings accounts for out three kids since they were born. They are not 529 plans just regular savings in which every Friday the bank auto drafts $75 for each kids into their savings account. The accounts are under my hubbys name and each kid. We had to make a huge choice to move away from our neighborhood. We only had $17k in our savings and great credit. When we found another house the bank totally approved it because they said the three kids accounts and our savings made it look like we had a ton of money lol. We didn’t use their money at all but the bank did see it as our money. We were able to move and currently rent our old house and make $600 profit that goes to payoff that house. We have never had to touch the kids accts and hope to god we don’t. Our daughter is now in college and we don’t qualify for financial aid but that’s not gonna stop her from going to school cause momma and daddy knew this day would come and we were responsible parents and no stress on us now. You are an inspiration girl!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  12. I love your videos! I am a fellow mom of four and this will be our sixth year in CC. 🤗 Frugal wins for this month, cooking from the pantry and garden and we “found” more money to put towards our mortgage each month. Thank you for the inspiration and accountability!

  13. No wins for us this July. Our vehicle keeps having to go to the mechanic, for expensive but necessary work to be done on it. Meanwhile we’re trying to save up for my husband to take time off work I have our baby, and we keep having to dip into our emergency fund for our vehicle repairs! 😩 ugh. It’s always something. Hopefully our vehicle will give us a break til next year after this repair it’s having now. But if it’s not the vehicle then it’ll be one of the dogs or the house or something. Hopefully we’ll still be able to save enough by December to cover expenses while he takes time off. Wish us luck 🤞

  14. It’s amazing how much you can save on different things when you can pay cash for them!! The one thing I’m referring to which was many years ago, braces for our children. Because we started the envelope system while they were babies, we were able to pay for pay in full when it was time!! It was a life changer. We got our money’s worth because our oldest needed additional work and time with his that was not included in the price and we didn’t have to pay extra!! Love your videos!!

  15. Hi Lydia love your podcast so much> Since I found it I have watched all of them. Unlike you I am 59 , my kids are all grown but I have debit and want to so badly be out of debit so I can retire by 67…. You inspire me to work hard. I'm not doing as well as I thought I would but I'm moving along. The problem I'm having is I keep falling back on bad purchasing habits. mostly impulse buying…. help

  16. My girls are 9, 11, and 13. Our laundry system changed to everyone gets a basket for dirty clothes when it's full bring it to the laundry room. And I throw some teaching in there so eventually they can do it themselves. I know your kiddos are to young for this but just an idea for later.

  17. I enter some free raffles and games and won products. My hubby got an ongoing job guaranteed for the next 4 weeks so praise God for that. Thanks for the video hun. I hope mine are as good as your one day 🙂 congratulations on hitting an extra payment On the mortgage. Money is better in your pocket.

  18. Girl! I started doing one complete load of laundry per day, with the attitude of “screw it” toward the rest of the unwashed laundry. It has been amazing!! I’m never fully caught up, but I don’t have clothes mountain on the couch anymore. AMAZING.

  19. Just a suggestion if you have a chiropractor you like and does you well, ask if they have any "bundle" discounts; example: your insurance only pays for x number of visits/treatments per year which never covers enough for chronic or permanent conditions, so ask your chiro if they will consider giving a "bundle"/discount for you paying for [especislly for the non-insurance visits], say 3 visits – but he gets to come 4 or 5 times for that prepaid weekly charge. Rarely will a large corporate-owned chiro ofc agree to this, but a clinic with only 1 or 2 doctors may consider it. The worst they can say is "no."

  20. We bought a house! It was a huge financial win for us because just a few years ago things were super slim. I'm relieved too that we got that 30 year clock ticking now instead of in a few years. I'm hoping to put extra into our mortgage so we can pay it off early.

  21. Good to know re how impactful extra mortgage payments are! Once we paid off our big loan, we had planned to start attacking the mortgage, but somehow that plan fizzled and got forgotten. Need to get back on track!! Thanks 🙂

  22. Hi Lidia, my grandson is on the spectrum, he is 6 years old & is non verbal. Please share the type of therapy your son does. My daughter lives near West Virginia, perhaps they have it out there. Thanks Lidia 😊

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