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  1. I’m glad you brought that up. I started the same way. I now have all of the above. It’s a bit nerve racking getting started. I now have 1 avant- that takes care of all the policies and I pay a full year and for get about it. However, every week I’m on the phone or email with my agent getting COI for large events. It makes me feel very confident every time I propose/quote on a project knowing I’m totally legit and covered. In fact Ian able to win over other small and mid size rental companies because they are missing coverage or lack coverage.

  2. Adam I may have missed it but you may want to bring up the extra insurance that city town and state parks require . I am currently covered for 3,000,000 to get into state parks in New York. I may never need it but just in case .
    Maybe a video on your way of labeling tents and identifying them. Do you identify them as an A or B and also do you rent them as this. Maybe a little cheaper for a B tent if needed for a fair compared to a wedding. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  3. I was about killed putting a tent up back 7 years ago and the company I worked for didn’t pay there wc insurance so i lost everything and had to sue the location we were putting the tent up at to get all my crap paid for. Now 7 years later I’m trying to get back in the business I love

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