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How to Save Money on Your Car Insurance (Progressive vs Geico vs USAA)

Want to save cash in your auto insurance coverage? Watch this video to learn the way I switched from USAA to Geico, then Geico to Progressive to drop my insurance coverage premium down from $3,200 per yr to $1,800 per yr. My insurance coverage covers my spouse and I for our 2010 Porsche 911 Carrera S, 2008 Cayenne Turbo, and 2012 Mercedes C250 Coupe. For extra movies and an inventory of my filming tools, please take a look at the hyperlinks under:
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Video Equipment Used:
-Canon T5i DSLR:
-Rode VideoMicro Microphone:
-DSLR Tabletop Tripod:
-iMovie for video enhancing

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  1. I was guess insurance is just high where I live. Single driver 2015 Colorado, 2007 wrx Sti. Allstate was charging $355 a month!! Been with them 11 years. Just switched to Geico.. now down to $195 a month.

  2. USAA has never been able to convince me to switch to them. How can they claim that you're getting thousands of dollars of discounts for being a veteran when it's essentially a prerequisite? It's not like my neighbor that isn't in the military or a veteran can get into this company.

  3. I have one car, i paid about $750.00 a year with GEICO. Liberty Mutual i was paying $1,800.00 a year. BTW, USAA life insurance is a ripoff. I read a story where a couple had a 1 million dollar life insurance policy, the husband died and USAA was denying payment. Who wants to be insured by a insurance company who does not pay off after accepting premium payments for years.

  4. I switched from USAA to Geico today. I'm saving a little over $800 per year. I had USAA for more than 9 years.
    I was really upset because I feel like they've been overcharging me for many years.
    btw, I also called Progressive, but their rate was lower than USAA, but not as low as Geico.

  5. Excellent common sense video. Good to see this in a relatively young dude- running the numbers is always prudent. As a matter of interest I always got great rates using Costco's car insurance provider.

  6. If you have been with the same insurance company for more than 5 years and you have a great record, give them a chance before you move on. Let them know that you are getting much better quotes from other people. The day I decided to call my insurance company to tell them I was cancelling them, they slashed my rates in half to keep me. That was a lot better than the competition was offering…

  7. As a 997.2 and a Cayenne owner myself, I would recommend not using Progressive. I won't make a positive recommendation for a company but I would will make a negative recommendation against Progressive. A Progressive policy owner side-swiped my Cayenne and when I shopped around for high quality repair shops (and those recommended by the local Porsche dealer) none of them would take the job if Progressive was the insurance company. My Cayenne is a 2014 so there are not a lot of used parts available yet and Progressive will not pay for new factory parts unless it absolutely has to. I ended up having to file the claim with my current insurance company (thus on myself) just to get one of the quality shops to take the job. Now my current insurance is fighting Progressive for reimbursement. If Progressive doesn't fully reimburse, then I think I'll end up taking the ding on my insurance even though the other driver admitted to 100% fault. I think if you have a vehicle like my older Honda Ridgeline, then Progressive might be fine as I wouldn't expect a showroom repair on an older/average car. The red flag for me was that one of the quality shops said they won't even let the Progressive agent on their property the relationship has gotten so bad. Maybe you could call a few shops that the local Porsche dealer recommends and just ask what they think of Progressive. It could be regional for all I know.

    On a happier note, having both a 997.2 and a Cayenne, I have greatly appreciated your videos. You get right to the point and show lots of footage. Keep up the good work.

  8. Just remember to compare apples to apples, I was with Mercury for years, almost 30 decided to leave after they refused to pay for a deductible for a road hazard (comprehensive) that wasn't my fault. I got hit by a piece of tracker truck tire and damaged my hood of my Wrangler. I have never had an accident but I did have two glass claims over the years. The deductible was only $25.00 for glass and they replaced the wind shield on my FJ about $1,600 if I was paying out of pocket. I decided to leave after they refused to pay my $500.00 deductible. I am now with Ameriprise but they do not offer glass damage. Another thing that is very important is AGE, I am 51 years old and this plays a very big part, we pay about $2500.00 per year for 4 vehicles, '07 FJ, '14 Ram 1500, '17 RX 350 and '16 Wrangler Unlimited. Shop it out and check all avenues, Costco, AIS… Great video and information!

  9. I did the very same thing. When I mentioned to the Geico rep the quote I received from Progressive, she simply said they could not match it. It was 45% less than Geico.

  10. Wow!! This is eye opening!! I switched to USAA about 17 years ago (according to the app it says I’ve been a customer for that long). And they gave me a better quote than whoever I had at the time (I think it was the “pre Flo / name your price tool” Progressive). And I haven’t looked back since. I think the biggest factor is understanding the coverages you need and making sure I’m properly covered. I love USAA but I may have to shop around at that price. One thing to consider though is customer service. That is an intangible that’s hard to price. Imagine having an incident with your beautiful 997 and then getting some push back from the “best deal”. I’ve never had any push back or any negotiating to do with USAA. It was simply, “you have coverage, you had an incident, go wherever you like and have your car fixed.” And they financials were taken care of. It’s hassle free.

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