Yes, you will get automobile insurance coverage protection to your car even in case you do NOT have a drivers license, or whether it is revoked, suspended or if in case you have a international drivers license, this is how..

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  1. I'm 53. I've been licensed in Ohio, Indiana and Florida. In 05 I was living in Key West and a hurricane sucked my car into the ocean. After that I never bothered to even renew. Hey, the island is 2miles wide by 4miles long. Why the hell pay for another car and insurance when a bus is $2, gotta bicycle and cabs are plentiful. Now I'm back in OH, caring for eldery parents, and getting a car this weekend. Ohio MAKES me have a stupid 'Learners Permit' even though I've been a driver since 1983! This state is just looking for $ anyway they freaking can!

  2. The problem from the beginning was you asked them "Do you insure unlicensed 'drivers'". "Driving" is a comercial for-profit activity – in other words – you are a taxi and you are saying to the insurance company "Hey, I am transporting 'passengers' and 'goods' for profit, will you insure me for not being licensed to do that activity"? Now, ask them "Do you insurance private for-pleasure automobiles to private, non-drivers"? I am gone through this same process. Now, the fun part was watching the sales agent see how much I could do with just my passport and no license. I got insurance through e-surance, but yes, you can do it through Progressive easier, because they already have so many non-driver policies on their books.

  3. Of course you can get insurance without a license…because you really don't need a license its your right to travel…DMV is a private corporation ,,ITS YOUR RIGHT TO TRAVEL

  4. Does the insurance company tell the DMV whether or not my car has been insured for a particular state so that the state will assume I've been there all that time with the car even if the car is stored and registered in another state? I've had a car in a state for over a year yet its still registered in another state, but insured for both states. I could have a dual registration, but am afraid that if I go to the new state's DMV they will somehow know how long I've actually been there with the car and might fine me for not registering. My story would be that I had it stored in another state with the intention of moving, but am just now bringing it in.

  5. Instead of making a stupid video and acting like you know what your talking about CLICK ON THE NO LICENSE OPTION AND HIT SAVE AND CONTINUE!!! You will be told in RED LETTERS….We can not rate you without a license!! Blah blah blah

  6. Question…. After getting permit @ age 16…and gotten ur provision…can u drive a car on your own? How do car works? Can u drive your parents car without you having insurance, but their car does… I'm full of questions. after permit and provision @age 16/17' what is the next step?

  7. Just investigated this today with Ministry Of Transport.
    Not a valid license DUE TO SUSPENSION……then Insurance does not pay.
    The Insurance company will take your money but in Canada if you don't pay a ticket in 15 days or go to court then they SUSPEND or Cancel your drivers license.
    Sometimes people get pulled over 3 years later and the car is towed and you start over like you are 16 if you want a license again.
    They covered your friend for a fender bender but they can decline a million dollar claim……..VALID LICENSE ONLY.

  8. It makes total sense that a person should be able to buy a car and have insurance without a license. For example, my friend Chance is legally blind, he cannot get a license. However, he owns a vehicle and has an insurance policy (through Progressive I believe). In most states (maybe all states?) the insurance policy covers the CAR. It may also cover the DRIVER in a different car, but that's not always true. The reason they want driver's license info is to determine risk and the the price of the policy. So, Chance's policy price is based on the vehicle type plus the person he randomly named as "primary driver", even though there are 20 different people in a month who use his car to drive him around. If we was smart, he gave them the DL# of the driver with the cleanest record. haha

    Another common situation is where a person lives in a city that has good mass transit. That person may never need a driver's license, but let's say they own a business and want to buy a car for the business. Although they will never use the car personally, they want various employees to be able to use the car for out of town business trips. Do you think major insurers are going to turn that person down for insurance in that case because they don't have a license? Not unless they're idiots and hate making money. They may want you to buy a slightly more expensive commercial auto policy, but insurance without a license can be done in a case like this.

    I imagine if you call up a major carrier and say "Hey. My license is revoked because I can't resist drinking 7&7's and taking hits of LSD while I drive, but I really need an insurance policy.", they will probably say no. But, if you call up with a reasonable explanation, they'll take your money and issue a policy. Keep in mind that some policies have exclusions which won't cover unlicensed drivers. Other policies, especially commercial policies, may not list any provisions for whether or not a driver is licensed. In more than one case, I know of insurance companies paying out claims when the driver was unlicensed even though there was an exclusion in the policy. This has happened a couple times because the owner of the car honestly didn't know they loaned the car to someone who's unlicensed. I mean if my buddy who I've gone to school with for 3 years (the guy who always turns his homework in on time) can't get his car to start and needs to get to a job interview right after class, do you think I'm going to ask him for a photocopy of his driver's license before I throw him the keys? Gimme a break.

  9. ThanksπŸ‘ I always wondered. I'm glad I found out that it's possible to get car insurance with a learners license. Thank God for the online progressive application.

  10. THANK YOU FOR THE INFORMATION. PS It would be easier to concentrate on what you are saying if you would step back 6 feet back from the camera and wore a . . .I don't know a sombrero or something.

  11. What if you do not have as license or permit and do not plan on getting a license under the "Right To Free Travel – attached to the Right to Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness" clause in the Declaration of Independence? Can you still get insurance?

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