Homeowners In Fire Zones Lose Insurance Coverage

As fires ravage California every year, extra owners are prone to shedding their insurance coverage, making it a battle for them to seek out and keep inexpensive charges. Susie Steimle experiences. (11-11-2019)

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  1. I feel badly for these people, but do they really think insurance companies should have to knowingly insure severe bad risks and go bankrupt? 18+Billion dollars in losses every year is unsustainable .

  2. He needs to get the insurance that Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Bl;ankfein had when their companies went bust. Actually, they had no insurance and the federal government bailed out their companies. We have socialism for the rich and the middle class can go out and pound sand.

  3. This man chooses to live there so that's his choosing, can't blame the insurance company. He can always move and if he wants a view he can go to the beach or mountains whenever he wants, no need to live there 24-7. He has money and chooses to live the lifestyle, not like he doesn't have a choice of where to live.

  4. So if insurance doesn't want to cover natural disasters. Then how does anybody get insurance. I live in Dixie Alley. My place can get wiped out off the map from one big storm but they still covered me

  5. When you choose to build in a high-risk area, insuring the risk you are creating is going to be expensive. I don't blame anybody for not wanting to take it on, especially oif they are not allowed to charge a price that covers the risk.

    The desire to turn a profit is hardly predatory. The homeowner hopes to sell his home at a profit, doesn't he?

  6. Building a home in fire country. They make earthquake insurance prohibitively expensive, too. The massive wildfires affect nearly every Californian who has to breathe the smoke because people choose to live in risky areas.

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