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Malcolm “MJ” Harris is an internationally acknowledged monetary providers CEO, writer, and motivational success trainer who has constantly overwhelmed the percentages to realize extraordinary success. MJ’s rise started when he began an insurance coverage company – at his eating room desk as a facet enterprise – whereas working as a Management Consultant for a “Big 4” agency. Through sharing his story with the world on social media about overcoming private and monetary trials, the enterprise rapidly grew right into a multi-national monetary providers and self-improvement powerhouse.

Legal Disclosure: National Care Financial Group, MJ Harris Global Enterprises, The Hurston Group, National Care Premiere Partners NA, NC Insurance Services, nor any of their respective associates are making any warranties or ensures within the movies, posts, and associated content material on this YouTube web page and/or any associated pages. Any errors, omissions, claims, ensures, or warranties are unintended on this web page.

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  1. Yes trust when something doesn’t feel right. So many times humans seek proof to confirm why. By then you’ve invested more time and emotions so when that “SOMETHING” is revealed… now you’re too weak and stubborn to walk away. Listen to MJ and save yourself time and energy. If it doesn’t feel right. Detach and you’ll find out later WHY.

  2. WOW WHAT A STORY!!!! LORD HAVE MERCY! PLEASE TELL ANOTHER!! I saw red flags with so many men but because I am a "fix him" girl I just disregarded it. Luckily I never got to anything like that but I have to remember to recognize and pay attention to that inner voice saying "naaa somthin aint right"

  3. At 33:23 where you confronted him about the female, you were spot on. Anytime they want give you a direct answer they are hiding something. I had a similar situation where the guy said the same thing “don’t I give you want you want”. That’s ole school for you are the main one but if I want to get a little something on the side it’s none of your business.

  4. Great story!! I nearly got myself forever entangled with a similar type of man. Very agressive. Never hit me but I think he was prepping me through emotional abuse. Thank god I finally got out and never went back.

  5. A kiss so great that it makes the bottom of your spine tingle. Well, what kind of sex you gay men be having? Wow. What a kiss. How you ain't got no hair on your body..I loved it. LOL Italian huh..okkkkkk

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