Here's what Fannie Mae is forecasting for the housing market

Doug Duncan, Fannie Mae chief economist, joins “The Exchange” to debate mortgage charges hitting their lowest stage since November 2019.

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  1. And he responded NOTHING about the investors snatching up entry level homes, which will eventually turn is into a country of renters. Thus furthering the divide between the haves and the have nots. Damn scam !

  2. All these people that are buying real estate, are not from this country and don’t plan on staying in this country! There should be a law that when you purchase the property you should have to live there for a certain amount of time!! Why are these politicians not changing any laws on the housing crisis! Possibly regulations and restrictions how much they can go up on the working middle class! Possibly regulations on how many properties you can buy in a certain amount of time!! And at this point with the prices, nothing should be going up! We like to talk a lot of shit about the Venezuelans but we’re actually turning into the same poverty! Karma!! They say what you do to others, will come back to you! And look at the way were treating them! So when everything comes full circle, how do you think people are going to treat us? We are going to need the help because all of China has bought out all of California! Like what’s up just bought a whole block in Palo Alto! 👀 That should be illegal and that is why people should have to live in the home they purchase for a minimum of 2-5 years to avoid greedy ass people!! I don’t know, maybe some programs for the local Californians, the one that I have grown up in California!! I don’t know programs for first-time buyers! I don’t know programs for low income families! Programs on how to educate people to eventually purchase a home, programs that I actually teach you about credit and the new credit system we have! How could we expect people to do something they absolutely have no clue about!! But again it’s called karma and if we don’t watch our own backs, the governments not going to watch them for us!! Are there any programs for anybody except the rich?
    Once these companies like What’sApp are buying out housing blocks, they can basically charge anything they want for rent and when that spread worldwide, all you are going to have is a bunch of enslavement! Literally What’s App just bought out the whole house Block in Palo Alto California, all of California should be worried!! Yes that’s even some of the rich people, 🤑 that are now considered middle class! That’s why there should be laws and restriction on how much property you could purchase!! Because some people not very many, but some people could purchase all of California and it’s not only going to stop here! If you think that’s where it stops, you’re Trippin! They’re like termites out here in California, best believe they’re headed to every section of the United States!! It’s Greed nothing more nothing less!

  3. BS- we have thousands of homes for sale in my area. It looks like we will have another bubble popping anytime. These guys are paid to make you feel good about buying a home at a crazy price.

  4. This guy seems clueless.

    And a 50 year mortgage would not make things more affordable. Since most people only care about monthly payments, a 50 year mortgage would simply drive the price up such that the monthly payments would end up being about the same as a 30 year. The market price would simply jump up in response to what people could afford each month. A 50 year mortgage would benefit only those already holding a 30 year, who want to sell, downsize or move to a more affordable state and then everyone would bitch about the the rich getting richer.

  5. Housing supply shortage is a misnomer. There are more homes now than ever. They should just say there are a lack of sellers…at the moment. Home hodlers and bitcoin hodlers behave the same way…when confidence eventually breaks.

  6. This is funny. I work in the financial industry, and have for the past 10years. Unfortunately, what most people don’t know or refuse to see, is that this whole so called economy is in huge trouble and there is no getting out now. From the housing market to student loans, all facets of this social construct are falling down.

    My advice: get out of debt as much as you can; save as much money as you can in cash; stock up on food / water; and invest in some commodities, such as ammo, preschools metals.

  7. Another reason why I'm glad I don't work on the traditional mainstream thinking side of real estate.

    More creativity and money made on the private sector real estate investing.

  8. this interview is full of shit, the housing market reached its prime a year ago, bunch of homes for sale in san diego. Money knows!!!! people are taking profits before everything goes to shit

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