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Health Insurance Is a SCAM: You Are Being Ripped Off (Here's WHY)

Hey Bulldogs! John Sonmez from Bulldog Mindset Here, the place I train you the best way to go from the Victim Mindset to the Bulldog Mindset.

In this video I need to present you the way medical health insurance is a rip-off, the way you’re being ripped off, what to anticipate from medical health insurance and the suitable means to make use of medical health insurance.

For this I’ll take just a few examples from my very own life, and the best way I exploit medical health insurance, to strive as a lot as attainable to not get ripped off. And typically a very good piece of recommendation that saved me an enormous amount of cash.

So initially, this I’ll use a lab check for my blood check, the place it ended up being priced at 2000 {dollars}! and it is extraordinarily costly. However my insurance coverage firm did it is changes the place I ended up paying solely about 50 {dollars} and I’ll use it to point out you the way you are being ripped off from insurance coverage corporations all the best way to lab check corporations, docs and many others…

Because it is advisable to perceive you can’t actually anticipate medical health insurance to pay for all of your medical payments, it is not the way it works, and due to that individuals robotically assume medical health insurance is a rip-off and also you should not have one, nevertheless it is not the way it works.

you should use your medical health insurance as a hedge in opposition to some deadly occasion, that may wipe you out. For instance an accident or waking up discovering that I’ve most cancers or some deadly illness, it’s then the place I can use heath insurance coverage for my benefit.

This might might make you suppose that you simply’re being ripped off, BUT right here is the factor, in terms of deadly occasions, the place you find yourself having payments which are within the a whole bunch of 1000’s of {dollars} it does not matter when you pay your ten 1000’s or fifteen 1000’s {dollars} max, as a result of your insurance coverage is gonna deal with the remainder.

You should not rely in your insurance coverage to pay for each little factor that occurs in your life. These corporations needs to be used for his or her potential to make changes and as a hedge in opposition to life threatening occasions. You might imagine that you’re being ripped off in that case, and it’s true, these corporations want you to remain secure and pay cash so as to make a revenue. they’ve a really great amount of information on which they make their calculation to your funds.

Insurance is a monetary instrument, similar to an funding, it is designed to hedge issues, that may wipe you out.

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  1. Most insurance is really only good if you get really sick, or hurt badly. So when that happens most of the time you want be able to work. Therefore you can't pay for your insurance. So you loose it and they are off the hook in helping pay, so when you really need it it's gone.

  2. I have a similar plan, but it's a 70/30. It's a pre Affordable Care Act plan. I had an HSA plan, from my employer, prior to obtaining this plan. It was worthless. The deductible was higher. 🤔 The only way to have a lower deductible, was to get a plan that was 60/40 after the deductible was met. 🤔 My insurance company tried to trick me out of this plan when the ACA started. It didn't work. The only change they had to make to my "old" plan was, the had to add on pediatric dental care. 🤔 It was about $5 more a month. My wife worked in the dental insurance field, this is a scam. Whatever. The most I've paid for a minor surgery, is about $800 out of pocket. My wife, on her HSA, just had to fork out $2500, for a somewhat similar priced surgery. 🤔 Granted, her premiums are much lower than than my employer provides, but wow.

  3. Doctors and hospitals are largely a scam as well. Yes it's true some surgeries can indeed save someone's life. But those people do not make money off of necessary surgeries. They make it off of UNnecessary surgeries and the poisoning of the public with almost-mandated medication. All medicine is poison and there is NO reason to ever use it, ever.

  4. Quick story: Wife is pregnant. Doesnt have insurance. If i would have enrolled her for iinsurance during the enrollment period we would have paid 400 a month. We would of had a $2000 deductible plus visitation fees etc. On top of that anything the insurance wouldnt cover we would pay out of pocket. Total cost would have been 10 thousand counting premiums and out of pockets. Called the hospital to find out what the cash discount would be for a normal baby delivery. Waiy for it…….. $2000. And $7500 if it is c-section. Yes folks health inurance is a scam.

  5. Example: You pay 300 dollars a month for health insurance.
    You get a mandatory EEG.
    Insurance company only covers 50 dollars.
    I hate medical insurance and I will not be getting it

  6. I already know how they're doing it they're keeping us in their office they're making us go back more often they're not giving us diagnosis they're not giving us medication that works what they do prescribed for us insurance companies will not pay for the insurance companies are not paying for anything that we need to make our lives better only the absolute necessary things that we need so somebody who is a crocodile and or a heart patient is going to get a lot more than somebody who's going in to try to put their life together by getting a tummy tuck that they refused they won't give us anything that's making our lives better or easier and they're just taking money from his left and right we're paying these college people hundreds of thousands of dollars a day to do nothing remember college means self-preservation. That's all it is. You got people getting college education that don't know how to tell time or a clock I lost it is digital how stupid is that that's called ignorance. the insurance companies are out to kill us that's right folks they're killing us they're denying us every basic need that we need to stay alive and to be happy but they're catering to people like cocaine addicts who are in drug treatments they even get houses you know to get back on their feet but somebody who's homeless don't get a house America is a place of asshole backwards thinking it has nothing to do with intelligence anymore. that's why the doctor stopped all the opiates because they wanted people to come back and sit in their office and give them a weekly fee and a monthly fee and everybody's getting stuck with balances I'm 220% below the poverty level I have Medicare and I have blue Cross VIP choice insurance let me tell you something blue Cross is the worst insurance company in the world they hung up on me three times they're denying me any kind of care I need they won't pay for prescriptions they want me to pay $135 for something as simple as a suppository. Now if you don't see something wrong with this then you're part of the ignorance in America.

  7. Cool video John! Would love if it you made a video going over exactly ALL your policies aside from Auto and health so your viewers could model our insurance plans after yours and be sure that we're making the best financial decision. Thank you for this!

  8. And of course the government has made a catastrophic insurance policy illegal to sell so we are all stuck with paying for Pap smears and frequent flyers going to the emergency room with a vaginal infection. Get rid of government in the insurance market other than for poor people and watch the health care prices plummet

  9. @john I don’t understand…if it doesn’t make financial sense….why do companies offer it to their employees…it seems most of the people that have insurance get it through their companies…most people would rather go without it then pay a high deductible with an individual plan…so it seems this doesn’t apply to most people

  10. Your insurance is cheap! Are you getting some form of business owner discount or is this the option California gives you? I pay almost $400 in Illinois for so-so insurance. My risk tolerance is not as high as yours, though. Annual premium is around USD 5,000.

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