Getting Permission To Upgrade, Flying With Niko's Wings

Come Fly With Niko From Niko’s Wings in his Brand New Cirrus SR22 Turbo G6. We get a tour of the cockpit in flight. I get at hand fly it as we focus on how you can get permission to improve your airplane.

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  1. Baron Pilot, Another great video. Very beautiful plane Niko has there. Back in college in 1999 I got to tour the original Cirrus plant up in Duluth, MN. They only had two planes complete at that time one for testing and one for the sales department to take to shows. The first two to be sold were at different stages on the assembly line. They have come a long way since those days as I believe they manufactured and sold over 300 SR22s alone in 2018 from multiple manufacturing plants. That doesn't include SR20s and the newer Jets. Thank you guys for the work you put into these videos.

  2. Awesome. So I want to know how you coordinate travel off film. LOL. So he picked you up in St. Augustine and you are landing now in Ft Meyer. So how do you get back to St. Augustine? Commercial? Bus 🙂

  3. Great to see you guys working together!  It was a fun VID!  I truly enjoyed the ride!  Don 🙂  Oh Chris, wanted to thank you for the Jet Shade tip!  I am in the process of working with Jet Shades now to get a pair for my Cherokee 180 after I saw them on your channel a couple of times!  Thanks.  🙂

  4. Nice very nice
    i guess that explains it
    New Wings,
    i was starting to wounder why
    there was no responses on
    Nikos page, he didn't
    👆 °?•
    good to know that he's all Right
    and his new plane is out of sight.
    Good to meet you sir over and out.

  5. New sub here, that was a great flight with you and Nico. You definitely have a better audio setup, yours was crystal clear but the audio on Nico’s vid was pretty distorted. Beautiful airplane!

  6. Niko is a real cool guy! I have watched many videos on his channel with the previous Cirrus. I am a big fan of the Cirrus for GA use. It is so versatile and maneuverable for a light airplane. With the turbo, the thing become a race horse! A top speed of 183Kts is great performance in the event that it is required. Flying it with 75% is the most efficient and prudent way to fly. A "BIG THUMBS UP"! An unbeatable combination of a great guy flying a great airplane! Next step for Niko is The Cirrus Vision Jet!

  7. Niceeeeeeeee. Oh by the way in this video I like the cameras on the wings looking back at you in the plain different angles is nice that's really cool, Different camera angles makes it very interesting and you see a different perspective from your point of view.

  8. That was great, seeing you and Niko together. Hope you get to meet YouTuber Stefan Drury who is travelling to Sun n Fun from here in Australia, you are all rock stars of the YouTube aviation world👍😀

  9. Why oh why is the voice hard panned to just one channel?? That terrible audio choice makes this video almost unwatchable for those of us who use headphones.

  10. Great flight, and two of my favorite that beautiful new Cirrus Turbo! As I've not been to Cedar Key either, I would have went along quietly in the back, and even bought my own lunch ;)(see Niko's portion of the flight in for more on that 😉 and even knew what I would have ordered..Conch salad and conch fritters if they had it, as I love that, although after seeing those plates they brought you, would have been completely happy with that as well, as I love seafood. Hope to see more of this in the future, and after the new engines, you're going to have to take him up BP 😉

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