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I used to be with StateFarm Insurance for nearly 7 years and so they jacked the charges up on me for no motive. I bid out Progressive and GEICO. By switching I saved virtually $300 {dollars} and needed to speak you thru the method that will help you save as properly! Enjoy!

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  1. Last November a GEICO insured Lady kocked over my Motorcycle ni a parking lot, back right into it. People who saw it knew who she was called her and she came back and gave her insurance info to them and they gave it to me. This is April 26th of the next year. GEICO is holding the line they can't contact her so can't do anything until they do. Well last night I met that lady and her boyfriend who it turned out I knew, had met several times, I told her the story she was livid that they still hadn't fixed the damage, she told me she had talked to them more than once. Even offered to pay the cost herseff to make things right, I told her no you shouldn't have to do that, she has been paying GEICO for 16 years without any claims filed, I called them again today and they are still claiming no one has ever talked to her. I have no doubt GEICO is lying through its corporrate fangs. Not the first insurance company I've seen play this stall game, they hope you get tired and quit and they keep all the money, Bad bet for them this time. I'm bringing in the insurance Commissioners in both States as well as Attorney Generals and the Federal levels too, plus I know lawyers who specialize in insurance claims. So the bet is on how long will they hold the lie. Even better is I have the story to tell for years to come, warn people don't buy into this one they lie and cheat.

  2. I have been with Geico in New York York area for 28 years. I got a car stolen, one car accident (my fault), 2 broken windows (vandalism), 2 speeding tickets, during my lifetime with Geico. Always happy with my car rate Insurance. I tried to switch to Progressive and State Farm. They don't come near the rate or prices that I'm getting with Geico.

  3. Did first time ever online quote with Geico today, and it's $42/mo. more than Shelter Insurance and $17/mo. more than State Farm, so their ads amount to false advertising. While other 2 quotes included uninsured motorist coverage, Geico's didn't. Sounds more like Gekko – that 80's "greed is good" Wall Street movie. Progressive is only $4/mo. cheaper than Geico, also without the uninsured motorist coverage. No wonder they need so many ads.

  4. I just switched last month…I had the same situation happen to me with a Progressive quote and then Geico came back with the best offer for me later. I had State Farm before I moved to Arizona as well, and my insurance doubled " DOUBLED" over the next 18 months after I moved to Arizona.

  5. I'm 30 but only been driving for about 3 and a half years now, with a clean record. Just recently finnaly got under my own insurance. My rate is 119 a month. Think that's good ? I'm insured with Geico

  6. Have you considered some of the less known insurance companies that might be local? Sometimes you can get some good rates. I know some people are hesitant but as long as they have good reviews it is worth a try?

  7. The worst insurance companies are a lot more better than Geico ! Just wait until u have a little accident and see what they going to do with your driver record

  8. I am 47 years old and I been with state farm since Iwas 15 1/2 years old. 32 YEARS!!! They are screwing me over!! I been calling them for years why my rates keep going…NO CLAIMS…NO SPEEDING TICKETS. NOTHING!!! They keep saying its because my lexus is getting older and the cost more for parts would be more…So saw a video online about I should be getting cheaper rates…so after all these years they are going to lower it $66 per 6 months…I pay monthly which cost a little more. But I didnt change but but I informed them I had alarm system which they knew at the time. I also told my lower miles I drive are lower now and I got a discount. My exboyfriend is sueing state farm…They did him terriable when was in a wreck. I am going talk to geicio….More people have told me to go there. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. A driver with GEICO insurance demolished our neighborhood's central mailbox, and GEICO decided to refuse to pay for the damages, even though the policy clearly held them liable to do so. We're deciding whether to go after the owner or GEICO for the money, and we won't be getting our mail for probably the next year or two. Don't trust GEICO. They are swindlers. They left their customer HIGH AND DRY.

  10. I know a lot of us are on a budget. I’m a good driver with a spotless driving record. I urge you not to use GEICO. The headaches, stress, sleepless nights and work lost when you get into an accident AND THE OTHER DRIVER HAS GEICO, is not worth it. I had a girl back into the side of my vehicle, completely admit fault, apologize, the inspector said she was 100% at fault and they still try to deny 50% of my claim. Then I find out this is A REGULAR thing GEICO does. I’m now suing the driver and I’ve opened and investigation with my state insurance board and have an agent helping me. It isn’t worth the savings when you actually need the coverage!! You have never seen anything so shady. Trust me. It isn’t worth the extra savings. You absolutely get what you pay for. The state insurance board told me that GEICO is known for this and various states are looking into these practices. Be careful.

  11. Geico is great if you want full coverage (collision and comprehensive)  and the highest liability protection but as soon as you reduce your coverage you don't save much.  They also have the best customer service and user friendly website.  You can actually get quotes and compare on the website without having to speak to a rep.  and the call time is fast.  Progressive offers better coverage without having to pay much more and you will do better if you just want liability,  but their customer service is terrible. The hold time is around 20 minutes or more and if you want to change your coverage you have to speak to a rep.  The most important though is what happens when you need to make a claim.  I haven't made any claims with Progressive but I found Geico to be pretty quick with giving me answers and settling my claims.   The worst auto insurance I had to deal with was Travelers ins.  They weren't my insurance co. but the guy I had an accident with.  I only had liability because I thought my car wasn't worth it to insure.  Travelers claimed I was 80% at fault even though I wasn't moving and then they wouldn't give me even give me that 20% bluebook value of my car, and they drove up the storage fees on my car because the agent was on vacation and didn't tell me when they had inspected my car, and would only pay the 20% for storage.  I should have been fully compensated for the excess storage that was their fault.  They taught me one lesson though.  Don't just have liability on your car even if its a piece of junk cause then you have to rely on someone else's insurance company even if the accident wasnt your fault, and they wont give a shit about you because you aren't their customer.

  12. Actually, earlier today before watching your video, your scenario is the same as mine. Except, I never took the time to investigate State Farm until today and what you were told by State Farm I had been told for the past few years my bill fluctuated, it started with a low payment and then every month it fluctuated like an EKG reading, i was told i was paying for everyone else in my state that didn't have insurance, i have been studying the property and casualty laws. I had Geico when I lived in Upstate in NY and never had problems. Now, I have Geico and because I was quoted $93 or $98; however, because I am allowing Geico to draft my bank my bill will be $83 or 84 dollars because I got my homeowners as well. I am happy.

  13. Honestly, I would highly recommend never getting Geico. I had recently had a car with a hit-n-run. Geico saw that I changed my plan a couple days (literally days) right before and they told me that I had agreed to the new coverage during that phone call, which I did not. Despite that I had prepaid for that month's worth of insurance and been a costumer that sought coverage beyond the recommended amount years prior, they decided not to pay for the claim because they claim that I had sought to change it days prior to the accident. Word of warning: they will screw you over. I had learned to never trust insurance companies, especially ones that are advertised in television or any large marketing platform.

  14. Have you used GEICO service or you just operating under assumption that they will handle your claims well?

    GEICO is considered worst when it comes to handle the claims.

    Each product has a cost.
    Yes their cost is lower so customers satisfaction.

  15. I'm no longer satisfied with state f. Due to rate increases. Used to recommend them, no longer the case. To be fair I have been pleased w customer service and have had zero issues with that but I did have issues with their rates. Rates Increased multiple times and their explanation is, "claims have increased."

  16. When you buy a new car at a dealership, should you wait to close the deal on the car and finance terms before getting a quote and buying insurance for the car?

  17. But Geico miscommunication with me was recorded and I know what I said, they will not let me hear the recordings… I have to subpoena to receive the conversation with a customer claim representative… she totally did not understand my policy I wanted and now they will not fix a bumper dent from hitting a tree. I have had 4 cars on and off with them for 20 years…. they know exactly what I expected for my vehicle and are non compliant…. I will find a better company because I will not be lied to by my insurance company, I depended on them to keep the insurance the same as always… liars, and more disappointed and hurt that they will not share my recordings with me….

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