For New Insurance Agents – How Commissions Work

For New Insurance Agents – How Commissions Work

Discover how commissions work for brand spanking new brokers, relating to fee proportion ranges, how advances work, and whether or not or not the fee degree supplied to you is absolutely in your finest curiosity.

If you’re a new insurance coverage agent, this coaching might make 1000’s of {dollars} in distinction to your yearly revenue!

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  1. Hey David! Do you know anything about Farm Bereueu insurance? I'm just looking into the whole industry and I have friend in the are who loves it, but I'd like another opinion. Thanks

  2. I remember the funeral home I work for paid me a salary of $6K total in my first 3 months. Not doing straight commission in those months I lost almost $6K in commissions 😠. Lesson learned.

  3. Spoke on phone for 45 min today w recruiter from large agency today. Currently self-employed and looking for a career transition for various reasons. Everyone needs insurance. I need to make a living. Seems too good to be true in some sense though…meaning where is the scammy side of this business? I'd rather keep my integrity and sweep floors at my local gas station than get into a business that expects me to be deceitful with people and manipulative. Not exactly sure what this line of work entails, I just know at end of day I want to help people and get paid to do it. I enjoy your videos, thank you

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