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Florida No Fault Auto Insurance – Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Required – Questions With Answers

What is PIP?
PIP is the frequent abbreviation for Personal Injury Protection. PIP is for advantages payable below the Florida auto insurance coverage coverage which is remitted by the Florida motorized vehicle No Fault Auto Insurance regulation.

What is the identify of the Florida regulation that requires PIP?
Florida Motor Vehicle No Fault Law is the identify of the Florida statute that requires PIP protection on all automobiles registered within the state of Florida.

Who is insured by PIP?
The named insured and all resident relations are coated below the PIP protection of your Florida auto insurance coverage coverage. Resident relations will not be required to be listed drivers on the coverage for protection to use.

Which automobiles are coated by PIP?
All vehicles owned by you and listed in your Florida auto insurance coverage coverage is roofed by the PIP portion of your coverage. Also, any trailer designed to be used with a personal passenger car and never used for enterprise is taken into account a coated car.

What does PIP cowl?
Personal Injury Protection advantages embrace: Medical advantages, incapacity advantages, and dying advantages.

What is the quantities payable when PIP protection applies?
The quantity of dying profit payable for an insured particular person is $ 5,000.
Medical advantages are payable at 80% of the quantity incurred attributable to a coated damage. Disability advantages are payable at 60% of any misplaced wages incurred attributable to a coated damage. The whole quantity payable below PIP for anybody accident is $ 10,000.

Is there a deductible below PIP protection?
Florida Motor Vehicle Law permits a deductible of not more than $ 1,000 for PIP protection. Choosing a deductible is non-obligatory and can decrease the premium for those who elect one. Also, work loss exclusion is allowed below the regulation and if elected your premium will probably be decrease and you’ll not obtain any profit from misplaced wages attributable to a coated damage.

Is PIP an non-obligatory protection?
PIP just isn’t non-obligatory protection for any car registered within the state of Florida as mandated by the Florida Motor Vehicle No Fault Law.

Does another person must be at fault to gather funds below PIP?
No. Regardless of fault PIP protection out of your insurance coverage coverage gives advantages for a coated damage.

Do all insurance coverage insurance policies have PIP protection?
Not all states require vehicle insurance coverage insurance policies to have PIP protection. All registered automobiles in Florida are required to hold PIP protection. When Florida FR44 insurance coverage for DUI drivers or Florida SR22 for different excessive danger drivers is required they’re along with PIP.

When does protection below PIP apply?
Coverage applies when the named insured or any resident relative is injured whereas occupying a motorized vehicle. Also, protection applies if an insured particular person is caught by a motorized vehicle as a pedestrian.

Do PIP advantages enhance by the variety of vehicles on my coverage?
No. A premium is collected by your insurance coverage firm for every motorized vehicle listed on the coverage; nonetheless, this doesn’t enhance advantages.

If I’ve medical health insurance to cowl my accidents does PIP nonetheless apply?
If an insured particular person sustains damage attributable to a coated occasion advantages are payable below PIP no matter any medical health insurance the injured particular person carries.

Are an legal professional and a regulation swimsuit required to gather funds below PIP?
No. All prime rated normal insurance coverage firms can pay the PIP advantages to a coated particular person with out the necessity of an legal professional or regulation swimsuit.

What occurs if I cancel my PIP coverage and have a registered car?
Your insurance coverage firm will notify the Florida Motor Vehicle Department of the cancelled coverage. A discover will probably be despatched to the registered car proprietor inquiring concerning the standing of any new coverage which can have been bought. Failure to answer the discover or preserve required PIP protection will end result within the registered car proprietor's driver's license being suspended.

I dwell in Florida a part of the yr do I nonetheless require PIP protection?
Any car registered within the state of Florida is required to hold PIP protection even when that car just isn’t in use or is in one other state a part of the yr.

Am I coated by my PIP if I'm driving outdoors the state of Florida?
A Florida resident who is roofed below the PIP portion of a Florida auto insurance coverage coverage is roofed whereas driving that car outdoors the state of Florida.

What is prolonged or extra Personal Injury Protection Coverage?
This is non-obligatory protection not mandated by Florida Motor Vehicle Law which is obtainable by some firms. For a further premium your insurance coverage firm might enhance the whole quantity payable below PIP over the $ 10,000 mandated by regulation. Your firm might also enhance the chances payable below the medical and incapacity portion of the PIP advantages. Typically the rise for medical can be from the 80% required by regulation to 100% and the incapacity profit from the required 60% of misplaced wages to 80% of misplaced wages.

What occurs if PIP protection applies from a couple of coverage?
If there’s different relevant Personal Injury Protection for a similar damage probably the most that’s collected is the utmost $ 10,000 quantity required by regulation. Each firm's coverage will probably be answerable for their pro-rata share of advantages payable.

Does the insurance coverage firm determine which physician or hospital I take advantage of?
No. Any physician or hospital will probably be paid below the PIP profit for medically vital remedy attributable to a coated damage.

What precisely does resident relative imply?
Any relative by any diploma of blood or marriage and often resides on the house of the named insured. This features a resident relative residing briefly some other place, corresponding to a scholar away in school.

What is excluded from advantages being paid below PIP?
If you personal a automobile that isn’t insured below your auto insurance coverage coverage and are injured in that car advantages won’t apply. Any damage sustained by an individual working a coated auto with out your specific or implied permission. Any intentional bodily damage won’t be coated. Any damage sustained within the fee of a felony won’t be coated. An individual apart from you or a resident relative and has protection below one other Florida auto coverage which has PIP advantages.

Is PIP insurance coverage the identical from one firm to a different?
Yes. Florida regulation prescribes all elements of PIP insurance coverage which firms and policyholders should adhere to. Mandated Florida FR44 insurance coverage for DUI drivers and SR22 insurance coverage for different excessive danger drivers are additionally the identical from one firm to a different.

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