First Cirrus SR22 Turbo Flight

Join me on my first Cirrus flight with Jet shades proprietor Kevin Duggan in his Turbo G3 SR22 .

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This Video is for leisure functions solely and isn’t to be thought-about flight instruction in any manner. Please contact your native CFI for flight instruction.

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  1. Went to YouTube, Baron Pilot. Saw new video… O’boy. Saw it was 27 minutes. Didn’t have that much time so thought I would just watch a little. I was wrong. Did have that much time. Watched the whole thing. Couldn’t turn it off. Great flight, great airplane.

    Please forgive grammar. Got all excited.

  2. We got our Jet Shades. Had to do all the templates for them, so it took a bit longer for the process. We are very pleased with the product and ultimately since it was winter, the delay wasn't that big of a deal. If it wasn't for your previous videos we wouldn't have gotten them.

  3. Hey Baron Pilot! Wow, Small world…. That's my old Cirrus that I sold to Kevin this past fall when I purchased a newer SR22 G5. It was N812MT, I had it changed to N612MT so I could keep my same N number for my G5. That was was a great plane, and sure do miss it after seeing it on You Tube.

  4. I also sometimes struggle with the "wish I would have" affliction but the reality of it is hind sight is necessarily 20/20. My dream was to make a go at getting into a military flight training school once I finished pharmacy school. An engineering degree is more in line with pursuing this path but a pharmacy degree was by no means a deal breaker. It was a six year program when I attended and graduated in the late 90's. It recently became a seven year program where I went….vs four years for engineering. The deal breaker, which was a dream breaker, was eyesight acuity. Though there are many pilots in the military who require lens correction when they fly but 20/20 uncorrected vision was the minimum eyesight requirement upon admission. 20/15 vision and better is pretty much the norm among pilots flying "F" aircraft.

  5. Did a search for a SR22 and found this vid. What a great video, I really appreciate the dialogue. Awesome aircraft and awesome pilots enjoying the miracle of flight.

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