Dear Progressive automobile insurance coverage, it's over

Comedian Josh Pray ends his 5 12 months relationship together with his automobile insurance coverage firm

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  1. Progressive it is the worst fucking insurance company I've ever heard of or seen in my entire life pieces of fucking shit I seriously want to punch the motherfukers in the face right now. Just like you said when the bill's due there right up your fucking ass you know when charging as much as they can. I have a $12,000 truck that insured with those fuck heads I pay the fucking payment on a $12,000 fucking truck right? Now that's some fucking asshole ran into my truck when I was turning in my driveway the fucking bitch adjuster calls saying that my truck is only worth $2,000 and they're going to Total it I told her she was at her fucking mind. Also I still haven't got to see a fucking doctor or get an x-ray if you don't have health insurance right now because I was in the hospital so long last year that I lost my cap account so it's been two weeks now I've had headaches my neck is all fucked up my hands are fucked up I still can't go because I don't have money the fucking urgent cares take me out cuz I don't have insurance and these cunts are still fucking me around.

  2. Progressive is garbage. Was paying $75 dollars a month for state minimum coverage for my old rust bucket with a clean record. Decided to switch to a local company and I now pay $23 a month with better coverage. Progressive is utter shit

  3. Im tired of Progressive!
    I have 2 95 and 96 kenworth t600 dumptrucks.

    Everytime im with them and its time to change they always go up and up.

    This time they want to take my premium from 10,000 to almost 13000 a year. For no reasonable reason. Oh everything is going up.

    Im like. Thank God we have never been in an accident. 5years since the company started.

    And and yeah i would get those Annoying letters. DOT blah blah blah!!!!

    Man, makes a Christian go all off!

  4. Progressive did not fix my car right. Misaligned panels and lights, poor quality paint job by using the cheapest paint. But no the payments have to be done properly…… That goes for all insurance it’s a big money scam.

  5. Root Insurance. Full coverage with $100/250 deductibles, full tort, rental car coverage, lyft credits, roadside assistance, etc. Plus I have one at fault accident. My bill? $31.83 a month for a 2014 Toyota Prius 5. Bye GEICO!

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