Are CLOs the New Mortgage-Backed Securities? (w/ Danielle DiMartino Booth & Peter Boockvar)

Are ultra-low rates of interest placing financial “beer goggles” on monetary markets? Danielle DiMartino Booth of Quill Intelligence sits down with Peter Boockvar, CIO of Bleakley Advisory Group, to debate the systemic dangers to the worldwide monetary system. They deconstruct the rising challenges going through central banks. Boockvar examines the explosion of collateralized-loan-obligations (CLOs), predicts a grim future for firms with excessive debt/EBITDA ratios, and argues that the Fed’s liquidity injections have created a cycle of monetary dependancy to low rates of interest. Filmed in New York on November 20th, 2019.

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Are CLOs the New Mortgage-Backed Securities? (w/ Danielle DiMartino Booth & Peter Boockvar)

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  1. You shouldn't have an institution that interferes with free markets this much. Period. To say anything even remotely short of this is insane. The Federal Reserve should not exist. We don't need an unelected body of bureaucrats toying with a public currency. Eliminate it and salt the earth where it was raised. It's an abomination and it destroys our savings.

  2. Reminds me of Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First". But, here the question is, "Who is the audience?" How many of the listeners really understand what these two are talking about? I can't keep up. Are we to believe the Fed has devised a system where nobody can take advantage of the system? Or, it cannot be manipulated? Or, it does not matter that an Open Market system is competing with a Command economy? It is like these folks are operating in a microcosm. Unbelievable.

  3. what you say makes sense , when you talk about currency , but it does not make sense with today's currency held and issued by a central banking based on welfare collecting though taxation of labor. this means the central banking welfare dependent system can only fail if the tax payer is completely broke ,and the generation of labor is dead.

  4. Danielle DiMartino Booth is such a breath of fresh air on monetary matters especially in regards to The Fed and their reckless monetary policies. It is so interesting being a former insider at the Dallas Fed to know the inner workings and machinations of The Fed to be able to inform her audiences what is really going on. Her interviews are really well versed and her guests are spot on in their expertise in particular field in finance. I watch and learn a lot from her and a bonus in the fact that she ain't bad to look at! Beauty and Brains makes for a very powerful lady.

  5. Fixed Inflation Target Rate is a cool recipe for disaster. No Inflation & Negative Interest = No Growth .Easy Money does not translate into an Economic Growth or a Boom without Wage Growth .It only leads to a False sense of growth through Asset Price Inflation .

  6. Earnings , Yields , Profits ….

    Read the Bill of Rights …

    Denominated in gold or silver terms literally to the exclusion of all other terms …. By Law … Particularly Natural law .

    Fed Notes / The Federal reserve is the problem . Yields , profits , earnings denominated in Federal reserve terms are the problem with the economy .

    Pecan snowball snowman but you cannot bulshit bullshitters . Market actors know bulshit when they smell it . the Federal reserve was some quality bulshit the day it was born and will die some toxic bulshit .

  7. Read the book, "The creature from Jekyll Island". I became depressed nearly three years ago when I learned about this. Then I hit the snooze button and carried on. Now it is painful and scary as the alarm is on again.

  8. I really like Danielle, but she always interrupts too much with her one word remarks (e.g. "Right" and "Sure") after every sentence made by the speaker. It's incredibly distracting. I'd rather she stop and allow the person to just speak uninterrupted. We don't need her to tell us if the speaker is "right" or not and I doubt the speaker needs her to continually agree either. It comes off as if she is trying to gain some attention for herself. Just LISTEN.

  9. Inflation needs to be zero because that's the point where supply = demand in the market for MOST prices measured by the producer and consumer price index. The other reason is that the middle class and poor cannot absorb year after year price increases that give them no to little growth in after tax income.

  10. This guy is great but why do you have her? she keeps interrupting him by saying uh huh uh huh – doesn't she know that takes him out of his thinking? Let the interviewee speak uninterrupted and unfettered … this is not local news.

  11. Japan’s problem is/was over indebtedness. Deflation is the result of their over indebtedness. Worse, their aging population has exacerbated the problem with their over indebtedness.

  12. Simple question for everyone. What are the profit margins beging spent on? There is more money in the System than ever before and no one seems to knows what it is being spent on. At some point the biggest profiters have to spend there money on something if they don't the system stagnats . A some point there will be diminishing returns and there will always be taxes.

  13. Ok here's 375 or 500 B or whatever. We're doing this for us not you.
    Enjoy the holidays and bonuses. See you next year, suckers, I mean little people. Hahaha. Don't believe, just ask bird lady taking over the EU from draguy. She said just be thankful you have a job, forget your savings with neg rates

  14. The Fed should not be setting the interest rates at all, the free market should. That would promote savings and this would build a strong economy, not the phony bubble that’s fueled by debt that wee see today.

  15. In this election year, what people want to know how 0 interest or negative interest keeps the economy avoid inflation. None of these clips by REAL VISION explain what is strategy, resulting in a false hope that the debt problem is no threat. The people prefer going to sleep. They will only be let to wake up when kicked.

  16. I'd argue even targeting 0% inflation is still a tax on (stealing from) the population as technological advances have accelerated efficiency which is deflationary in nature and something everyone should be benefiting from. Manipulation by central banks has led to the mess we're now in. There should be no target, no central bank interference.

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