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Apollo Munich Travel Insurance: #ChintaKiChhutti

Iss chutti kya Bharose Lal kar payega apni #ChintaKiChhutti? Will god’s recommendation assist him impress his spouse? Know extra

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  1. i have health insurance policy from apollomunich in 2017-2018 and my claimed is C/11001/00057694. i had a surgery under the supervision of govt. hospital Chandigarh. i payed the bill of around 30000 by my own. i completed the formalities of the policies as per guided by health executive( Abhishek, mobile no 9357507676 ) of the company. but the company refuse to pay the amount at the last moment. all the submitted documents are dully verified by the govt hospital authorities still the company is not paying attention and rejected my request.and the excuse is given by company doctor Nisha mobile no. 9877939187 that your documents are incompleted. But mr. abishek is saying that all the documents are completed.

    Both are giving different statement its a big harassment & mental torture for me.

    And its my request to the Indians please do not indulge in this kind of fraud as done by apollo munich health insurance to me.
    here is rejected letter sent by the company.

    if company will not pay my dues i will sue them in court.

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