2020 House Buying Strategy Rejected Mortgage Refinance Leads Tip

2020 House Buying Strategy Rejected Mortgage Refinance Leads

Rejected refinance leads and when somebody goes to a mortgage dealer goes to be a singular lead supply to purchase homes and get listings going ahead in 2020. When somebody goes to do a money our refi or to get refinanced into a brand new mortgage it’s a signal of monetary misery. They try to drag out fairness in the home or they’re making an attempt to decrease their rate of interest. If you will have entry to this supply of leads I might be working these refi leads going ahead in 2020.

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  1. If only approx. 20% can get a new mortgage loan (I have seen the 82% rejection rate all over the net, the past three years…) then it only makes sense that approx. 4/5 of these people attempting to purchase a house, etc. are being 'rejected…' and the banks are notorious for refusing to 'lend' at the end / top (seller's market) of each market cycle. Then they'll 'blame' the next (staged) 'correction' on say crypto (Bitcoin for e.g. was pushed to the moon primarily by the Chinese CP money laundering Ponzi) the stock market again, or ??? One thing is for SURE… the ONLY WAY to "get / stay wealthy" in Real Estate (or anything else) is to CASH OUT BEFORE the "music stops" again soon, it's all over the (99% controlled) media… and then the exit doors, are CLOSED! (Unless you got IN at say 70% or ARV, someone else is paying- off a mid- long term loan(s) and you are in a stable (+/- 20%?) adjustment zone? Otherwise… who wants to WAIT 10- 30 more years to "break even?!"

    And working with mortgage lenders to wholesalers, is definitely better than "cold calling," doing direct mail, etc. for those familiar with doing more "creative terms," arrangements! I would be very interested in these leads… especially from mortgage brokers who also "fix credit," or work closely with a company, that does.

  2. Question from an investor to all the agents on here: I just encountered an open listing on my area’s MLS. (I’m not licensed)

    There’s 3 agents on the contact list, should I take the time to talk to all of them? I don’t have experience with open listings.

    Thanks y’all & thank you Connor!

  3. House flippers in CA are getting creamed. Recently read, one high flier is now 389k in debt cause his houses are no longer flipping. This is spreading out to other regions now. I must say, it makes me happy to see house flippers lose. They and the fed drove prices up to levels that are not affordable.

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